Esse Cooker Woodfire


A Woodfired cast iron range cooker that is clean and easy to live with

A log burning range cooker is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly idea but in order for such a product to integrate into any modern household it has to be clean, low maintenance and easy to live with. That was the engineering design brief we set out to fulfil and our new Woodfired cooker is the result. It is as rewarding to cook on as any of our gas or oil models but just how easy is a woodfired cooker to live with?

Superior firebox

At the heart of this cooker is a quite extraordinary firebox. It is designed for continuous use and can easily be kept alight indefinitely, requiring only occasional ash removal. With good quality fuel this should be just once per month. The fuel combustion is so effective that virtually all of the fuel is ‘incinerated’ cleanly, producing maximum heat and minimal ash as a result. Of course it will perform best using properly seasoned, good quality fire logs but our tests have shown that excellent results can be obtained using wood of any kind and quality such as reclaimed pallet pine.

Control and flexibility

One of the characteristics that set ESSE range cookers apart is their outstanding levels of control. The Woodfired cooker continues this principle and offers a surprising degree of control over it’s functions for a wood burning cooker.

Two stage door latch - When lighting the cooker the fire door can be closed, slightly ajar on the second latch setting, allowing an ‘air boost’ which helps to quickly establish the fire while keeping the door in a safe and secure position, protecting the kitchen from any sparks.

Oven temperature control - Cooking temperatures can be easily controlled via a sliding mechanism just inside the firebox door. Simply open to increase the oven temperature and close to maintain the desired setting.

Oven bypass control - A lever on the side of the flue box operates an oven by pass for the flue gasses, allowing them to go straight up the flue, instead of around the ovens first. It is used when first lighting the cooker to ensure smoke is immediately drawn up the flue and also to warm the flue so that it begins to draw as quickly as possible. With the ovens heated to the desired temperature it can also be used to boost the hotplate temperature for flash frying or searing without affecting the ovens.

Extra large log size capacity

We designed the cooker to take large logs, up to 45cm long and 25cm in diameter, so chopping wood is kept to a minimum and refuelling is simple and mess free. If you find it easier to use smaller logs that’s okay too. The combination of efficiency and capacity mean that one fuel load can run the cooker for over 12 hours.

For full information on oil, gas and electric alternatives please click here to see ESSE's website. 


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